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Back Pain is Never Just About The Pain Alone…    It’s All About What You have Been Missing Out On! It’s About Your Inability to Participate in Life. And …

Your decision whether to have back surgery or not, will greatly impact your health, Your Future, and those that depend on your well being.


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Breakthrough Medical Technologies, When Combined, May Provide You With Safe, Effective, and Long Lasting Back Pain Relief That You’ve Been Looking For…

Without The Risks Associated With Back Surgery or Financial Hardship To You…


Dear Back Pain Sufferer,

You are not alone…And while you’re still suffering with back and/or leg pain now, you may be surprised to learn that debilitating back pain is a truly pervasive and a common problem in our society. At this very moment, at least 31 MILLION AMERICANS are enduring the kind of significant, disabling back pain that you yourself are enduring…And with numbers like these, you might begin to wonder if the odds are more than stacked up against you.

Will you simply have to accept the fact that you’ll have to learn to live with such incapacitating pain for the rest of your life or undergo back surgery?

Fortunately, today, the answer for you is a resounding – “NO”.

You have every good reason to be hopeful.

This latest medical innovation, MAY MAKE YOUR BACK PAIN A THING OF THE PAST, without taking unnecessary risk …

A Combined Procedure Which Includes: Laser Therapy, Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, Rehab/Stabilization, and Other Complimentary and Supportive Procedures… Can Produce Amazingly fast and Lasting Relief For Your Back pain.

But, Before You Submit Yourself To Any Type Of Treatment Or Procedure, Let’s Find Out …

                     What is Causing Your Back Pain? 

You may have been told that the cause of your back, and /or leg, pain is a Bulging, Herniated, Protruding, Slipped or Degenerated Disc(s), Facet Syndrome, Lumbago or Spinal Stenosis …

All based on X-ray or MRI Findings…and,

What if you were told the only thing that will fix your back pain is surgery? NOT SO FAST!

Let’s Talk About Back Surgery…

Back surgery, be it  Laminectomy, Diskectomy, Minimally Invasive or Fusion Type…could be a viable option if, and only if, you’re experiencing one or more of the following:

  1. Rapid and progressive weakness in the muscles of your legs(i.e. foot drop)
  2. Loss of bowel or bladder control(i.e. incontinence)


If you do not meet the above criteria, chances are you do not need surgery of any kind!

Just because there is back surgery…   

it does not mean surgery will help or you’ll need it!

Because, Long-Term Studies Show That People Who Have Back Surgery Do Not Fare Any Better than Those Who Don’t!

If you’ve been told you need back surgery, based on X-ray or MRI findings alone…

Do Yourself A Big Favor. Just Walk Away!  Why am I so CERTAIN!?

Because, having back or leg pain (absent muscle weakness and/or incontinence)… is not an indication for surgery!  Even when… bulging, herniated, protruding or degenerated disc(s) are present!

Here is why.

Back surgery is indicated to those few people (1-3% of back pain sufferers) who meet the criteria for back surgery, as mentioned above!


In addition to the usual risks inherent to any invasive procedure (i.e. risks associated with anesthesia, infection, bleeding, etc.)…

Back Surgery Carries Additional Risks …  The primary objective of back surgery, regardless of the type is to Decompress bulging, herniated, protruding or degenerated disc(s). The surgical objective is accomplished through the Permanent Removal Of Parts of Your Spinal Anatomy …

During back surgery, bits and pieces of parts of your spine (Disc(s), Ligaments, and Bone) are permanently removed!  (watch these videos below that illustrate my point.)


But, let’s think about this for a moment …

  • Your lower spine is the bed-rock foundation of your body and the gravitational force goes right through the lower part of your spine.
  • Discs, Ligaments, Muscles, tendons and Bony Vertebrae are the components of your “backbone” that carry your weight  when you’re upright or sitting…
  • Think of your spine as a 4-legged chair…and if you were to cut off an inch or two from one of the legs … What would happen? You guessed it!
  • The weight is automatically transferred to the remaining legs…
  • The usual consequence of this scenario…is the uneven shifting of weight distribution to the remaining legs…The chair will ultimately collapse                    

When bits and pieces of your spine anatomy are surgically and permanently removed … what are possible consequences?


Back Surgeries Fail Due to Scar Tissue Adhesion And Further Instability, Caused By the Surgery Itself!

Following surgery, the weight- bearing process shifts to levels above or below the area operated on…destabilizing the lower spine, potentially causing the surgery to fail.

 Is this the type of solution you’re looking for?

I don’t think so …  You Deserve Much Better!


Non-Surgical Decompression

No Injecting.   No Cutting.   No Removing or Fusing your Spine!

Through Non-surgical Decompression, not only is it feasible to preserve your anatomy…better yet, it is possible to make your spine stronger, more stable, while addressing the underlying structural changes, without touching your anatomy.

Two Primary Causes For Back and Leg Pain:


Instability is an inherent weakness in the structural building blocks and the anatomical component parts that make up the lower spine. Over time and sometimes due to Injury, Poor Posture, repetitive strain, generalized Physical Weakness and De-Conditioning these parts will weaken and wear out.

 You Have Flat Tire(s)!?

If you have one or more Bulging, Degenerating or Herniated Disc(s) …

Think of having flat tire(s) on your car. How far can you travel with a flat tire? Not very far! Why?

Because your car is unable to carry its own weight! Makes sense?



 Direct compression on pressure-sensitive nerve(s) is the second Primary cause for Back and Leg Pain. Instability, as described above, usually precedes Compression, and usually produces the episodic” back attack” or chronic, nagging back discomfort.

Damaged, dehydrated, and unstable Discs under the right compressive forces associated with every day living, deform and eventually rupture  and lead to compression of delicate  nerve roots (pinched nerves), causing irritation, pain, numbness, weakness in the lower back and leg(s).



NON-SURGICAL DECOMPRESSION  address the COMPRESSION component, by gently reducing the herniated or the protruding disc(s)…while at the same time preserving your Spinal anatomy intact.

While non-surgical Decompression addresses nerve compression …

STABILIZATION addresses the INSABILITY components of the lower spine!

STABILIZATION is accomplished by utilizing specifically engineered, machine-assisted isolation and rehabilitation of weakened, Supporting muscles, Ligaments and discs.  If you think of herniated/degenerated discs as flat and worn out tires.  Then “repairing” your flat discs non-surgically, will make a lot more sense than replacing them, surgically.


Click Here To Watch a Video of My Non-Surgical Decompression Treatment

There you have it. The whole Enchilada!

Before you ever submit to be injected or have something implanted or parts of your anatomy surgically removed from Your Spine…

You Should first Consider Non-Surgical Decompression…a much safer, gentler and in most cases, a better alternative to invasive surgery and all the risks inherent to spine surgeries.


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If, during your initial three visits, you are not completely pleased with the care you’re receiving, we’ll refund your money. All 100% of it back to you. No Questions asked.

This is our way to compel you to be confident and proceed with certainty!

And whatever you decide … REMEMBER: Disc-related conditions are progressive and degenerative in nature.

Your decision to move is of great essence …  Because, Time is moving at the speed of life!

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Dr. Shant A Karayan, D.C.

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